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Once the Hafners arrived in Dublin, sausages would never be the same again! Sausage people through and through – from Bavaria – we set out to make the tastiest ever sausages that Ireland had eaten.

In 1882, we opened a shop in South Great Georges Street. In fairness, it was more than a shop, it was a proper pork emporium. There was the smell of hams roasting and strings and strings of sausages, that folk were mad for getting on the table.

And this was no flash in the pan. We opened two more Dublin shops and our sausage celebrity spread. Lads would head back from town to the west with a demand that they “don’t forget a pound of Hafner’s”. Grannies were even known to sew them into their petticoats to smuggle them across the border to homes in the North!

The days of old trams and folk galloping home with their sausages wrapped up in brown paper are a bit behind us now, but Hafner’s recipes still taste as good as they always did. Our fans know that if it’s flavour you’re after, Hafner’s will still bring it home for them.