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With the aim of bringing ‘Real Ham’ to the kitchens of Ireland, Brady Family re-launched their pre-packaged ham ranges nationwide in 2012. With the promise to deliver the same high quality ‘Real Irish Ham’ that has until now, only been available at the Deli Counter.

Pre-sliced and packaged should mean convenience not quality compromise. The quality of our ham in both Deli and pre-packed is because we insist on the highest standards in every step of our process, from farm to fork.

As part of the re-launch, the packaging was changed to give a new brightness, freshness and tasty look to our range.

For us, the real enjoyment comes from supporting farmers and country life. We try, wherever possible, to help support traditional industries and crafts and skills, like Craft Butchery. Our long-term aim is to make our products in an even more sustainable and natural way and to give as much back as we can, to our rural communities.